About the Author

Anna Cantwell is a spiritual teacher, life + business coach, animal intuitive, and musician and is passionate about sharing her gifts with the world.

In addition to her coaching business and Animal Guides, Anna is also the founder of Wild Plenty Flower Remedies and the host of the Quantum Playground Podcast. She is a lifetime student, and her highest purpose is to raise the consciousness of the planet and support people in living a life they are in love with!

For her latest endeavors, head her to her website.

Anna currently resides in La Veta, Colorado with her husband, Jake and dog, Rocky. 


About the Artist

Lyssa is self-taught artist, and has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She found solace in drawing - controlling the intricacies when life felt difficult to navigate. During the 2020 quarantine, she picked up an iPad and fell in love with creating digital art.

After meeting Anna and learning about meditation and grounding, art became a way to express emotions rather than escaping them.

Animal Guides is truly a project from Lyssa's heart to yours. Creating the Animal Guides cards has been a beautiful way to honor the animals that have helped her throughout her life, as well as a platform to continue her education and conservation efforts.

You can check out Lyssa's art on Instagram or her website.